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Kamila Lima

Kamila Lima is a multifaceted Brazilian artist, specializing in fine lines in both illustration and tattoo art. With over three years of experience, she found her artistic home in Houston, where her passion for fine arts flourished.

Inspired by masters like Van Gogh, Monet, Michelangelo, Frida, and many others, Kamila brings a rich array of influences to her creations. Her love for art is evident in every stroke she makes.

Recently, Kamila fulfilled a dream by opening her own tattoo studio, which she affectionately calls the "Atelier". Dedicated exclusively to scheduling, the atelier allows her to offer each client a personalized experience and individualized attention.

In addition to tattooing, Kamila is a talented artist in various other mediums, including watercolor, charcoal, graphite, and digital art. Her creative space is a reflection of her passion for combining the best of both worlds: the precision of tattooing and the expressive freedom of traditional arts.

With a welcoming environment and a commitment to quality, Kamila Lima continues to delight and inspire, demonstrating that true art transcends boundaries and manifests in surprising ways.

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