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Frequently Asked Questions

 Where are you located?

Kamila is currently based in Houston - TX. She always travel around the world to tattoo! You can follow news about her travels on her instagram profile!

 How do I book an appointment?

To book an appointment just fill a form on the section “Booking” and wait for an answer! Waiting time for an answer can take up to 2 weeks. After talking about your project you can book a date to get a tattoo! * You can follow her on social media @kamilalimartist for the latest information, but she will not be as responsive to questions in DMs due to the volume of messages.

 How does the artist's creation process work?​​

The artist will contact you for a brief conversation days before the appointment to confirm the elements and if you have any new ideas or new details that you want to add or remove, this can be clarified close to the date of your appointment! The artist creates the design the days before your appointment. All the time in the studio is used exclusively for tattooing, if you want to make changes to the design you will have enough time for that before you arrive at the shop.

 How much it will cost?

The minimum is $. The artist charge per piece and not per hour. The price vary with the size, complexity and placement. After talk about your project you will get a price range for your tattoo. The artist accept cash, Venmo and Zelle transfer for payments.

 How do deposit works?

The artist requires a $95 deposit for all appointments; this deposit is not deducted off the final price of the tattoo. Deposits are non-refundable. If you have to reschedule the appointment, please contact at least 7 days in advance to retain your deposit.

 What is your rescheduling and cancellation policy?

To reschedule a date, 1 week notice is required, otherwise a new escheduling amount will be requested. In case of withdrawal from the design or tattoo, the deposit amount is not refunded. Policy applies to both normal booking and expedited bookings.

 How do I prepare for my upcoming appointment?

Maintain your hygiene! That means taking a shower and wearing deodorant. Getting a tattoo means being up close and personal with our artists, so make sure you are smelling great and feeling clean. •Dress appropriately. Make sure to wear comfy and old clothes that can easily reveal the area being tattooed. • Eat and hydrate prior to the appointment. • Do not drink alcohol the night before your appointment.

 Do I need to prepare my skin for the tattoo?

Yes, your skin needs to be moisturized for the procedure. If it's dry it will directly affect the final result of the tattoo! Dry skin can compromise the result of your tattoo! To prepare your skin for the appointment you will need to use body moisturizer for extra dry skin in the region of the body you intend to tattoo! You should start using it at least 10 days before your appointment and apply the moisturizer at least 4x a day! Please, I would also like to ask you to drink at least 2L of water a day 10 days before the appointment, this will also help hydrate your skin. If you're travelling to the beach before tattooing, use sunscreen. If your skin is sunburned or extremely dry, your appointment will be rescheduled and a new deposit will be charged. Don't shave the hair in the area you're going to tattoo! I will do this at the tattoo shop on the day of your appointment!

 How old do I have to be?

You must be 18 years of age or older to be tattooed at our shop, whether or not you have parental consent. Be prepared with photo ID on the day of your appointment.

 I have an allergic reaction, what now?

It is possible to have allergic reactions to certain types of inks, razors and plastic. There is no way for the artists to predict reactions of individual clients to these things. If you suspect your tattoo is inflamed, contact the artist immediately. Any reactions or complications any clients may have during their healing process it is also very important to contact a licensed medical professional if any symptoms seem concerning.

 After my appointment, what's the aftercare process?

Once your tattoo is complete, it will be wrapped with Saniderm (an adhesive medical bandage) which protects your tattoo and still allows it to breathe its first few days of healing. • Keep the Saniderm on for 3 days. • After 3 days, remove it in the shower after running water over it for a couple minutes. For the next week keep it moisturized with a body lotion you already use in your daily regimen or La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Balm B5 •Your tattoo will heal similar to a sunburn with slight peeling.

 When will I know the available dates for booking? 

The dates for booking will be sent through text message. After you approve the sketch of your tattoo, Kamila will have time to calmly elaborate and structure your project based on each and every reference, information, and idea that you send, so that you get glad with your new tattoo. You will only need to go to the atelier on the decided day to get tattooed once your project is done.

 Why is the deposit not deducted from the final value?

The deposit is not included in the final value of the tattoo, because this price is destined for the art project's creation. Kamila will take the necessary time to listen to each person and transform each story into art, after all every project is unique and carefully designed, which takes time and dedication. For that reason, the value is not deducted from the final price.

What are the safety protocols/cleanliness measures?

I always ensure that I am following any necessary guidelines as far as sterility, cross contamination and blood borne pathogens. Each setup is single use, and items are either disposed of (needles, ink, caps, etc) or cleaned and sterilized with an autoclave prior to being used again (steel tubes). Any equipment or furniture that is used during the tattoo is wrapped or a barrier is used (table paper, wrap, sheet, etc) and disposed of after each use. All needles are single use and sterilized prior to delivery, all of which you can ask to see prior to setup for your appointment. ​


I always will provide drinks and snacks to clients and their guests, but if you want to bring something else in, feel free! Usually the appointments aren’t super long, so its not always needed, or might not have time to eat a full meal during the tattoo, but the only thing i would ask is to clean up and keep the area clean when you are finished eating!

 What's your COVID policy? Can I bring a friend to my appointment?

We ask that if you (or the friend you're bringing) have been exposed (or think you've been exposed) to COVID-19 within the last 14 days OR are showing symptoms (cough, sore throat, runny nose) that you reschedule your appointment. In regards to masks, they are optional to wear during your session.

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